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Hunters nationwide are loving their StandGuard Decoy and shows in the phone calls, social media posts and reviews that we are receiving.

From the Beginners & Grandfathers who have a hard time lugging their tree stands around to the quickly growing population of female hunters our product is revolutionizing the hunt of deer, turkey, bear, coyote and more!



I really liked your product using it for the first time this year. Will be purchasing another one for this season to be used at another stand location. Only issues I had with it was it was a little noisy with the Velcro and the material on crisp mornings. Material did fade some but I kinda thought it would being outside for half of the year. Not sure if there is a way to quiet the material or Velcro down any? Overall I was happy with your product and will purchase again. I also attached three pictures. One you can see the setup in the tree. In the other I was climbing the tree and heard something moving inside of the decoy. Afraid something would jump out and make me lose grip of the ladder I slowly tapped on the stand and a flying squirrel popped out. Never have I seen one in person just always seen them at night on trail camera. I was amazed just watching him then he jumped and glided down the hill to another tree. The third picture is the deer I was able to harvest this year. I ran up to my tree after work for a couple hour evening sit and forgot my camos.  Instead of just going home and calling it a scratch I tried the sit in my work clothes. The deer must have been accustomed to the sight of the decoy and the scent of the clothing I had been hanging in it every week.

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