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The StandGuard is a hunter's decoy. Since the hunter can't be in the tree stand 24/7 the environment never gets accustomed to their presence. This is where the StandGuard will revolutionize your hunt. Simply place the Stand-Guard in your tree stand preseason, and leave it there all season long. This allows the environment to become comfortable with your presence in their area.


Not only does it represent your body in the stand, it also has reflective tape around the head to simulate eyes. The reflection from the tape will desensitize the area to your eyes. Those of you that wear glasses, know all too well about the glare that the Sun produces when at just the right level. The tape will also offer a reflection at those same times of day, further desensitizing the environment. The eyes aid in locating your stand in low light as well. Located inside the head of the unit is a garment hook. You have the option, not only to get them used to seeing