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The "StandGuard" Hunting Decoy has many key features that have come about after 3 years of field testing and trials. As one of the most forward-thinking designs, there is a garment hook provided inside the head to provide the option to hang clothes inside to further desensitize the environment. That in fact, is how we were able to achieve the footage we have. Deer coming within feet of a hunter sitting less than 4 feet off the ground. With only 3 attachment points the StandGuard is simple to install, never leaves your tree and collapses away providing an unobstructed stand to hunt from.

Reflective Material
To mimic the glare from your eyes or glasses and making for an easy track to your stand in low light. 


Waterproof Material
600D fabric making it extremely durable and water-resistant, providing a dry/clean seat.

Non-Rigged Framing
Allows it to shed snow and ice without collapsing or breaking like ground blinds.

Garment Hook
provides the option to hang clothes inside to further desensitize the environment to your smell.

standgaurd stowaway
collapsable design
reflective eye tape

Steel Support Bracket
This heavy-duty bracket is powder coated which will stand up to years of use. 

Grommet holes to allow for air circulation to avoid mold and mildew.

standguard grommets
standguard ground level

Quick Install
1" webbing with dual adjust quick-release buckles for easy installation and use

Decoy Fasteners
Velcro material to be cut to length for holding the decoys' feet to the platform.

Ground Decoy
A detachable leg unit increases the StandGuards flexibility to be used on the ground level.


Height Adjustment
Easily adjust the height by using the slide toggle on the suspension cord.

Proof of Concept

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