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Don't let this happen to you!



The StandGuard Hunting Decoy Revolutionizes your hunt

The StandGuard is a hunters' decoy. Since you can't be in the tree stand 24/7, the environment never gets accustomed to your presence. Simply place the StandGuard over your tree stand seat preseason, and leave it there all season long. This allows the environment to become comfortable with your shape, smell, and subtle movements so that during hunting season, you can simply fold the StandGuard out of the way and hide in plain sight!

How does it work?

Other Uses

*ALWAYS * wear a safety harness while in a tree stand!!

Reviews from Hunters like you

Bill Epeards
Award Winning Hunter

There are a lot of new products on the market today which allows you to be more successful at hunting deer. The StandGuard is one of these products. It has helped me trick mature whitetails within bow range. Check out the StandGuard you won't be disappointed!

I'm so happy I don't have to carry my tree stand through the woods, anymore

The quality of this decoy is top-notch.

I kept it up through all of the seasonal storms and it looks as new as the day I installed it!

My tree stand was bone dry and I didn't have to store it in the garage or lug it back and forth. That's worth a lot to me.

Joey Burns

The StandGuard did its job all year when a nice Ohio 8 point came in. He looked up then put his head down and started eating. I shot him at 18 yards. Thanks, Spencer Gear for making such a good product!

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